Reserved Slot Access
Severation always has a number of slots reserved only for VIP members.
This is for faster login when the server is full

VIP Decal above head
Above your head shows a decal saying "VIP" for everyone else to see

VIP Icon in Scoreboard
A VIP icon before your name in Scoreboard.

Discord VIP Rank (With VIP channel)
At our Discord, you can claim a VIP rank, which stands out from the rest and gives you permission for a private VIP channel.

!models - Variety of different playmodels to choose from 
We've installed custom playermodels for you to choose from, there is one for every taste.

!trails - Different colored trails
You can choose between several colors & rainbow trail to follow you wherever you go.

!guns - Pistol Menu (Choose any pistol)
Choose any pistol you'd like, either if It's a Desert Eagle, Five-Seven, or a Glock.

!pets - Pet Menu (Choose a pet to follow you)
Choose a pet to follow you around on the map.

!replay - Want to see a certain stage record? Control the bot with this. 
We offer VIP control over our replay bot, you can see any stage record you'd like, forcing the bot to start that specific stage.

Immense Gratitude from the Staff team
You're keeping the server alive, we couldn't be more grateful, a big thank you.